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Sunday, November 14, 2010

updating my blog !

HELLO !  (mooo'ss)

> haha. . .
> omg its been month's i haven't updated my blog. . . maybe i'm all the time busy..
pssst,yeah right i am ! my fb always update 24-7 haha..
> anyways, thanx to my friend nomie here, inspired me to update when she was all excited about her new blog ! congrats for the new blog, publish more my dear <3 She's just had a blast birthday party with her baby lisa :) thanx for inviting me (jejak kasih kejap) we haven't met in years ^_^ the cooking was great ! too bad i didn't get any slices of secret recipe chocolate fudge cake.. huh -.-"
> did u like the presents,just a small gift to remind our friendship.. and for baby lisa u got TWO teddy bears <3 hihihihi so cute..
> these are some pictures from the bday party i went.. (me,nomie&baby lisa) 
> 25.OCT.2010 and 30.OCT.2010



Sweet like sugah !

baby lisa got teddy bear

Nur Mellisa Elfiera
> so cute right ! cherish the moment L O V E <3