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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

~ Birthday M O H D Y A Z I D ~


Once again i'm updating my blog about special birthdays ^__^
This time is about a very very very superli-special birthday.. its my gemok's birthday..haha
Through this, i wanna wish him
Happy 24th Birthday MOHD YAZID
I hope u have the blast-est birthday this year ever !
you're getting older by the day,but that doesn't stop me from LOVING u dear..
May all your dreams be fulfilled what u wanted, i do wish u longevity and fortune...
May Allah bless u~ 

as i was so busybee during his bday and have to work, i made up to him for the next day of his bday
I'll take 1 day leave to go out with him and celebrate his special bday !
so on 10/11/2010 Wednesday we went out to Berjaya Times Square..
It was a classic date, 1st we bought our movie tickets "Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak 2" on 5.00pm.
It was still early so we jump to get something to eat !! i pulled him to
we dined there so yummy-yummy foods we ordered haha...

*menu : Steambot- (2eggs, veggie, mushrooms, chicken, meatballs, meehun ,4large prawns, soft tofu & so on), tomYam meehun with large prawns n crab meat, hot&spicy fried rice, ginger fried rice, strawberry ice-cream, thai tea, pineapple juice, chocolate milkshake and plain water :)) superlicious yummy bone appetite !*

*this is my special birthday present for him*
muke terkejot biawak dpt surprise present !

so yummy !

FINISH !! except my hot&spicy fried rice :(

so yummy !

*wah ! sangat gelojoh coz i'm hungry rawwr*

bone appetite ^__^


erk ! enjoyed..ofcourse the bill was on me...hahaha
i hope he appreciated what i did and knows that i really care and love him..
also on that day, i promised him i'd buy Baskin Robbin's oreo ice-cream cake,but that was
unfortunately didn't happen becoz of the motor tyre was flat and have to go to a motor workshop
to fixed it..unlucky that time -.-" but we still had a blast on that day !


although it was like 1week pass his birthday, on Raya Aidil Adha i manage to squeeze in
a Chocolate Fudge Moist cake for Yazid..

*muke happy giler potong kek !!

Happy Birthday and i Love u so much

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