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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hari Raya Aidil Adha 17/11/2010 *family gathering*

Cherishing each moments

 Pada ari raye korban ni brkesempatan untk syep nk ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha kpda sluruh umat Islam yg mnyambotnye xkira dimane jua brade ^_^

 Pada ari raye yg mulia ni diharap dpt merapatkn lagik prhubungan silaturrahim dgn my family, kawan², relatives and my love ones..hehe at this moment too, syep nk mintak maaf dan ampun jika ade trkasar bhasa, trsalah prckapan, trsalah prbuatan plus mnghalalkan makan n minuman . . .

 As a special request from my dad~ abah nak wat satu family makan besar bersama pada Hari Raya Haji merasmikan pinggan mangkuk ROYAL ALBERT or famous known as OLD COUNTRY ROSES made in England.. the most popular China pattern in the world !! its worth thousands of ringgit here in Malaysia.. but my mom was luckily to buy it when we were in United States for full 4years.. So, abah nak rasmikan with having a family gathering before he closes his eyes... that was his wish*

 Abah, you got your wish today. . . even though not all of the family members joined, we did fulfilled abah's wish. My only brother abg appy and my second sister kakyang didn't make it for the dining.. It was just me,ma,abah,abg kay(bro in law),my 1st sister kak liana,baby azib lutfan and my dads sister Mak uda with her hubby Pak uda could join us as they were stopping by to visit..

 Mom made a special dish :) the menu was : Nasi tomato, ayam masak merah, jelatah, pulut kuning, rendang ayam, serunding daging, nasi impit, kuah kacang and the desserts was chocolate fudge moist cake and grapes(beli di giant) ahahaha

 we ate at 11.00 am and smua orang brpkaian cantik² for Raya ! here are some close ups ^____^ thanks mom,the food was superli-yummy especially the Nasi tomato (triple added rice) hehee . . .

(crowned with gold at each tips)

 Lepas aje mkn with family, my G E M O K dtg with his cousin pakya to visit me dan beraya lah ! haha
dapat mkn hebat lar diowg ! huhu makan sampai licin ^_^

 plus+ sronox dpt jadik tetamu khas yg brtuah dpt merasmikan pinggan counrty rose tu..hekhekhek (poyo ajerk)

 then ade plak bday boy basi sronox nak potong kek ! Happy Belated Birthday sayang~ mknlah puas² sambil berposing sakan ! hahax

aipp! *jeling2 bakal mak mentua*

 at the end of the story,these are the people i LOVE the most and i will cherish each moments with them !! love with all my hearts ^_____^

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