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Sunday, January 10, 2010

special presents* superb !

The Best Birthday presents ever !

My birthday was just around the corner.. i didn't expect this soon to get a "gilax²" present ! My Yazid always have an unexpected 
surprise to do to me..
It was Saturday night 26/12/09. The location was at Ampang's Pandan Capital Mall..  I already knew what he was going to buy for my
birthday,but i thought it was only a prank !
bile si Yazidku heret syep ke setiap handphone booth yg ade kat
Pandan Capital tu..baru sedar ini realiti..hahax 
 ''lepas gak mngidam nset baruu''
 jaatnye syep nie... :)
Selepas berjam² kena heret ke sana cini..
muke pown masing² dah kelat..
dpt kate prsetujuan.... 
Yazidku membeli handphone modal
Sony Ericsson K770i kpada kuu..
Oh yippy nye saat tu....hehe :)
walaupun modal nset tu dh lame,n agak old fashion (ketinggalan) but 
its still worth it to me..
"yunx taun depan miya nk touch screen plak"
hahahahax !! mau kene tempeleng skali..hahaax..

Thanx Sayang ! U r my one and Only..

si debub : Mohd Yazid


Ade ag present dr debub..hehe i gotta realy
BIG fat bOoroi Patrick !
Hadiah sbnarnye bukan untuk bday syep..
tp hadiah nk "pujuk" syep dari majok ari tu..  ye lah, syep nie gedix
cket ! kuat majok.. haa amek ! skali dye pujuk senyum
lebar lagi dari patrick nie...hahax
anyway,hadiah nie diberi time birthday syep..so it's
considered as a birthday present jugak lah..
Mr.Patrick nie dah la BIG ! mcmane lah nk heret bawak g Campus..
hmm..but i manage too.. :) 

Thanx again Sayangkuuu.....................

p.s : remember till the end..

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