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Thursday, January 7, 2010

terlaris di Multimedia Campus..

Happy nye bile kawan² mengingati bday syep...rase diri nie dihargai..hehex
Selalunye my bday falls on holidays & weekends..so tax dpt lah sambutan sgt...but 
kali nie mmg brbeza..dh la baru dpt bday attack dr frenzy..
my frenz from college seems to care too.. my birthday was on a beautiful monday morning...
hehe..dtg class bump into my college mates sume sempat wish me a happy birthday..
saat pling best skali dlm lab pg tu.. sume tegur pasal birthday n presents..
at the end of subject multimedia management in the lab..syep tbe² trkaku dgr 1class nyanyi lagu "happy birthday".. it was so overwhelming for me.. and a lot of credit to 
Noor Azwan Bin Adnan (Black),
coz dye ar dalang nye..hehex.. black².. btw,thanx.. (hope ur reading this)


bley tahan ar jugak dpt hadiah kn..hehe.. i like :)
ade jugak my ex-classmate Lukman&Atynn pada pg tu excident..
nk dtg awal² pegi class n nk jadi org terawal wish..but tax kesampaian coz excident...
cian diowg... yg penting kowg tax cedera..k
thanx to u both too....

em,bile ym dah mule bunyi² update from facebook & myspace,mule lah gatal² nk online..
bile online susah plak nk offline..hehehe.
bukak facebook mmg penuh la wall syep ! wish lah, gift lah, mcm²... i appreciate all of them..
especially pada lecturer sporting-morting syep...
Encik Abdul Syukor 
thanx en.syuk..kerana wish & mndoakan kat syep...:) TERBAIK !

thanx ntok sume yg wish n beri hadiah...syg korg lebih !


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