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Thursday, January 7, 2010

"putih melepax" 28/12/09♥

Waaah..stelah sekian lame syep tax update blog, ari ni
gatal² nyeee lahai nk update..hehex.,
Actually, nk update blog nie dh lame gler tp tax kesampaian..
i'm a bit busy on my semester 5 schedule !
Biase lah.baru naik sem mesti ar kengkabot cket..hehex
kesane sini nk kne kejar..but still management lem²bab jugak ! my result tax kua ag..
huh...but skunk bukan mase nk bebeyl sal management college..hehex
post kali nie bebeyl sal 28.12.09 :)


 28.12.09, 1.14am 
Location: Campus H20a

This was the date and time when i got a surprising attack from my lovely friends..
Nur Zuliyana (yayan), Aimi Iryani (mie) & NurFathiah (fatty)

 mmg kena attack gler² ar ngan diowg nie tmbah² ngan aimi n yayan....
huhu..it was my 19th birthday ! i thought it was a regular same lame boring bday's i always had the last 18years..but i was wrong..:) it turns out to be my 1st and awesome birthday ever
My 2009 birthday was a BLAST..! on that night,i thought no one remembered my birthday.. so i was sad.... (ngadu at yazid hehex) arap si gemox tu sowg je wish..
tp..............mase tu sume tax tdow ag..syep pown cbok dok on9..dh tax de keje nk wat..
tax pena kena surprise..so what ilek je ar.. tbe² si aimi dtg bilik wat senyum KAMBING lak..hehex
dh dtg senyum² kambing,patah balik plak... apehal la minah nie.. dtg si yayan plak
tp syep tax nmpak..kena plak fon ku berbunyi..........tnde nye masuk mcj dr si debub ku..hahax
suspen kn..?? kerana syep nie trlalu leka ngan mcj masuk.. tax sempat nk bace mcj.....

KELEPEK ! mndapat ar kat muke...hahahahax
yayan sembor bedak kat muke aq..(sampai masuk lam mulut)
dtg lg sowg..aimi sembor bedak sambil nyanyi lagu "happy birthday to u...happy birthday to u...happy birthday to miya...happy birthday to uuu......" kakakakah diowg gelak..
jaat dOwh diowg..pling best aimi amek bedak powder syep atas meja then picit² tuang² kat syep...
mmg mndi bedak laa time tu..babak tue mmg tax ley dilupekan...
tya plak yg tax trlibat dlm hal nie pown trkejut...hahhaax..muke tya yg tgh bingung...

nie ar muke dak bday gurl yg kena BEDAK...

 abes stock bedak ku...hehe...but anwy, TERBAIK ar kowg..hahahax tax kn lupe ar
aq mandi bedak,tersedaq bedak...:) "happy times"
thanx u guys...lurve u all...mmuaxx !


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