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WelcOme to *N O R A M I R A H* bLOgie
fill free to look in,its a free world here ! no limits and boundary.. i express my fillings,moments and thoughts through here.. you guys don't wanna read so than just back off this page ! i'm through with liars and backstabber's.. i enjoy my life to the fullest,no need to tell me what to do yaawwl..
u guys can just call me MEIYA I'm having a blast ending my teenage years.. LOVE my life, property, family, boyfriend, BFF's, REAL friends and the most is mySELF.. Once you'll get to know me i'm really fun and plus a crazy person ! just plain SILLYWHACKO~ so fyi you better watch out coz i'll bOoya !!

So enjoy reading my best of life.. happy times ! happy endings ! thanx guys for supporting.. xoxo

Thursday, November 5, 2009

i gOt a rOse yesterday !!

i gotta rOse yesterday frOm sOmeone special.. i never gOt a flOwer in my whOle life..it was meaningfull tO me.. i hOpe "our" relatiOnship stays till the end.. i want nObody,nObody..but u.. i want nObOdy,nObody..but u..

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